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Harvis is not a temporary staffing agency. We partner with clients to help identify and hire the right employees.

Our capabilities are designed to serve any industry or companies with as few as one employee based anywhere in the United States. Much of today’s applicant screening and interviewing can efficiently be handled via phone and email or video conferencing. If onsite interviews are preferred, we can arrange them.

Once we understand the hiring criterion, we begin traditional and modern sourcing methods to identify potential candidates. All discussions with applicants are documented and qualified candidates are ranked and forwarded to the client for their own review and consideration.

 Whether we forward resume, facilitate interviews, make job offers, negotiate or conduct onsite onboarding of new hires, this is all up to the client. Anyone hired through our referral efforts is employed directly by the client company.

Our interview process is affordable, efficient and quantitative. We prefer to incorporate a combination of competency, behavioral and situational elements in the structured questions we ask applicants. This removes the potential for subjective bias and hiring mistakes. Our recruiters never recommend candidates because we get a positive “gut feeling“ as this is not reliable. Clients hire us to be quantitative, not subjective.

screening & interviewing

Finding and hiring the right employees is arguably among the most important and time-draining activities in business. Harvis presents itself as an extension of “your HR department” and promotes your Company’s brand when we’re representing our business clients.

We compliment the client’s efforts to save time, money and sanity. We can help fill any position.

how does it work?

We Will:

  • Clients may hire any number of employees for the same cost of hiring one.
  • Our time report is the basis for a monthly invoice for hourly based services.
  • Placement guarantees and non-exclusive search options are available.