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Our approach to consulting is always a non-judgmental two-way conversation. Some clients want a sounding board to bounce some ideas around while others strategize steps to handle delicate workplace challenges or employee issues. We’re content to offer new ideas, propose alternatives or roll up our sleeves to help clients implement plans on-site. Our experience allows us to remain flexible and effective when serving your business with our human resource support.

Our clients are business owners, executives and HR Managers who want a dependable Human Resource contact familiar with their people, personalities, and worksite policies. We serve our clients by email, phone or in person and can accommodate any industry or employer size.

business trial

The only risk for a potential client is an hour of time. We promise; no sales tactics, no strings, no credit card. You’ll receive up to sixty (60) minutes of the same human resource support as any of our current clients. Put us to the test and reach out with your workplace compliance and HR related questions. We’ll listen and ask a few follow up questions so we can provide a reliable answer and some alternatives to consider. We don’t provide legal advice; so consult an attorney on any legal matters.

Once your 60 minute business trial account is activated, you can use all your time at once or over a few calls. It’s that easy. We’re confident the experience you take away from the trial will be enough to consider us for a future business relationship.


Our clients subscribe to our HR Services in different ways. Each approach allows our client to choose, or create the custom package that addresses their HR challenges. Deciding whether the team at Harvis is the right HR Partner for you should be an easy one. Need more information or a quote? Just reach out.
Services 1

as needed on & off-site support

open ended consulting

  • Pay as you go
  • No minimums
  • HR help when you want it
  • All Harvis services are included
  • You get billed at 5-minute increments
  • Includes monthly activity report
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    Services 2



  • Fixed project fees stay in your budget
  • Delegate specific HR “To Do” projects to us
  • Benefit from implementation of HR Best Practices
  • Identify and address risk areas while increasing accountability
  • Update HR Practices, compliance, and technology
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    Services 3

    monthly retainer

    On-going part time coverage

    customized part-time

  • On and off site support
  • 3, 6, or 12 month duration
  • Predefined range of monthly service hours
  • Unused time rolls forward
  • Discounted rates
  • Includes a detailed timesheet
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    The scope and duration of each project will vary based on a number of factors. Before we begin, we consider regulatory compliance requirements for your industry, number of employees, states of operation, etc. Our quoted fees may be payable in full upon acceptance or may be divided over predetermined stages of completion.

    The services listed below are typically one-time predefined projects offered at a fixed fee.  Many of our projects and services can be added to at any time and will be provided concurrently with ongoing services.

    Get insight from our team of HR Experts.
    • Updating HR infrastructure and implementing best practices saves time.
    • Serve Clients through an advisory, mentor, or hands-on capacity.
    • Open-ended consulting can address issues and resolve problems.
    • Understand how compliance, regulations, insurances, and policy overlap.
    • Avoid common practices which open the doors to business risk.
    Overtime, Salary and wage compliance issues are easily remedied.
    • Employers don’t know for sure if their payroll procedures are legal.
    • Businesses pay salaries, then unknowingly nullify FLSA exemptions.
    • The employer is ultimately responsible for the correct reporting of work hours.
    • Wage reductions are made to employee pay resulting in OT violations.
    • Compensation agreements with certain employees are not compliant.
    Make a positive first impression with an updated employment application.
    • Design elements should allow paper, Internet, and interactive functions.
    • Custom applications help to screen applicants in or out.
    • Learn how to avoid wasting time interviewing unqualified applicants.
    • Avoid outdated application questions that are now considered illegal.
    Independent HR professionals can assist during downsizing and employee transitions.
    • We become liaisons between former employees and their Employer.
    • Help employees remain positive and engaged during these periods.
    • Provide 1 on 1 resume help, job searches, training, and counseling.
    • Collaborate with the client’s attorney to deliver severance agreements.
    • Secure Company-owned vehicles, keys, technology, documents, etc.
    Ensure employees turn in forms that are accurate, legible, and have all signatures.
    • Update and convert existing paper forms to interactive ADOBE® Forms.
    • Design hire packets to include all payroll, tax, and policy acknowledgments.
    • Create an employee kiosk or PC file where employees may access popular forms.
    • Forms can be saved, printed, timestamped, or forwarded for approval.
    Effectively designed Employment policy will clearly communicate management’s expectations.
    • Having NO written policy generally means there is no policy to enforce.
    • Policies must be carefully designed with state and federal laws in mind.
    • Employers may add, remove, change and enforce the policy as they see fit.
    • We draft policy to explain daily responsibilities and address exceptions.
    • Worksite policies should migrate into an Employee Manual.
    A properly updated employee manual is essential to better communication and policy enforcement.
    • Every two years, all worksite policies should be reviewed, updated, and re-published.
    • Discuss employer’s worksite concerns then draft policy accordingly.
    • Determine where policy can be more or less stringent.
    • Unnecessary and outdated content is replaced with proven HR practices.
    • Manuals are not contracts. Share new policy with staff and get signatures.
    Job descriptions help companies hire smarter and lower risks for employment lawsuits.
    • Job descriptions are a guide to daily expectations and responsibilities.
    • Similar to policies, they change as needed and are not contracts.
    • They help interviewers understand skill and experience requirements.
    • Management, new hires, attorneys, and physicians rely on them.
    • They help employees understand how they fit into the organization.
    Failure to document injuries and provide OSHA training is a violation. Non-compliance promotes injury, equipment damage, fines, high insurance rates, low morale, and death.
    • OSHA applies to worksites with ONE or more employees.
    • Make a determination on what OSHA standards apply to your worksite.
    • Analyze existing training and modify it to meet the OSHA standards.
    • Experts or knowledgeable persons conduct training by classroom style, videos, learning materials, demonstrations, or a combination of these methods. Testing may be required.
    Let available technology help to solve ongoing employee problems.
    • Discuss and make recommendations on business HR Apps or software.
    • Technology can be easy to use even with non-tech employees.
    • We help with the burden of rolling out and training new technology.
    • Update infrastructure and move away from outdated processes.
    • Costs are low; return on investments are high.
    How do policies, practices, and employees reflect on their employer?
    • Identify real or perceived areas of risk for employers and employees.
    • Conduct HR and Employment audits or private employee surveys.
    • Discuss workplace practices, behaviors and identify risk areas.
    • Review management practices, files, compliance, records.
    • Compile a report of findings and make recommendations.
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    Training helps employees work safely, develop skills and communicate effectively.

    • Testing, training, and safety topics vary greatly. Contact us for information.
    • Training Examples: HIPAA, Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination, Diversity
    • Testing Examples: Excel skills, Personality profiles, Sales, Cust. Service.
    • Crash Courses: Applicant Interviewing, Benefits, Employee Turnover, etc.
    • Management, Leadership, Team and Morale building programs.

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